Michael J. Ruschak


These days a lot of my spare time goes into managing Fitmotivation and Poolfit. I love working on these projects because it provides a platform to spread my wings. However, I will be releasing more small projects this year once I clean them up. At that point I will update this page accordingly.


Launched in 2018 and offers streaming fitness videos for consumers to workout in their own pools. The product has a REST API, Android App, iOS App, and Web Site (Vue.JS Frontend).


This web site that launched in 2014, offers streaming fitness videos for Aquatic Fitness Trainers. Trainers can get new ideas from the videos and can even comment. I architected, designed and built the entire system. The backend consists of a REST API so that we can eventually support other mediums. One possibility would be a mobile application. The frontend is built using Vue.js.